• Welcome to The Brassicaceae Genome Resource

        Brassicaceae are plants of great economic value in the world, which have been domesticated and cultivated by human. With the development of sequencing technology, more and more Brassicaceae species have completed genome sequencing successively.

  •     The Brassicaceae Genome Resource (TBGR) database provided services for 82 genomes from 27 species. The genomic data include genome assemblies, gene models and annotations.

  •     TBGR database offering the service of searching for syntenic genes, CRISPR guide sequences, m6A genes, orthologous and paralogous genes, transcription factors, and important functional genes. The Blast, JBrowse, Synteny, and Primer Design tools were developed for users.

  •     We hope that the TBGR database will become a center hub for the study of the Brassicaceae in the worldwide. We will update the database with newly released genomes in the future.